What to expect from the 2021 cheer season...

The Barrow County Cheer Association is a program run strictly by a volunteer group of board members that works in conjunction with, but not for, the Barrow County Recreational Department.  Below you will find a few notes on what to expect during the cheer season!


  • The BCCA is for children ages 6-13 as of August 1st, 2021

  • The BCCA enrolls to residents who live within the Barrow County limits.

  • The total cost $300 for registration and uniform. There will be extras to purchase.

  • The official cheer season begins with a Cheer Clinic in the Summer, date TBA.

  • In Mid July we will be handing out a mandatory parent information packet pickup.

  • Practices will start at the end of July.

  • Practices can be held up to 3 times a week, Monday – Friday for up to 90 minutes each.

  • Practices cannot start until 6:30pm to allow for parents and guardians to return home and get their cheerleader to practice on time.

  • Punctuality and Attendance are a part of our Code of Conduct and are enforced by coaches and the BCCA board, we want all squads to have their cheerleaders at practice to allow for bonding and learning of routines and cheers. Parents or guardians are not allowed to drop off their cheerleader at practice and leave.  They must stay with them at all times. Cheer leading practice will only be held on the Barrow County Rec Department property  due to insurance purposes. 

  • Coaches take into consideration the age of their squad when putting together practice schedules, but overall the schedule is up to their discretion.

  • The BCCA attempts to keep similar age groups together

  • The BCCA cheers for a traveling league (North Georgia Youth Football Assoc.) therefore there will be some travel involved for away games.

  • The NGYFA is in charge of assigning schedules.

  • Games are held on Saturdays, on the off chance there is a postponed game due to weather, a make up game could be held during the week.  This is a rare situation, but does occur.

  • If the football players are playing, the cheerleaders will be cheering - rain or shine!!

  • The regular season is roughly 8 weeks, with the potential for additional playoff games, please be aware that cheerleaders will be expected to cheer during playoff games if their team is playing.

  • Games generally start towards the very end of August, but until schedules are announced, we won’t have a specific date.

  • Year-end team parties will be up to the discretion of the coach and will be held at the conclussion of regular season games.

  • We participate in the Winder Christmas parade, which will be held in December, date TBA.

  • This is a great opportunity to help volunteer for an activity our cheerleaders absolutely love!

There are many more facets to the cheer year, including a pep rally and rec nights at the High Schools!  The BCCA is a great place for our cheerleaders to bond, create friendships, learn how to work as a group and perform in front of people!  We have the best cheerleaders out there and look forward to having yours join us for the 2021 Football season. **Due to COVID-19 things listed above may change; unfortunately events and football schedule/rules are out of our control when it comes to the county Covid safety policies.